Information on privacy

1. The law governs the confidentiality of personal information and imposes a series of requirements on the “handling” of information relating to other parties. The requirements to be complied with include:

a) informing the person concerned about the way in which their information will be used;

b) asking for consent to carry out the related operations.

2. This regulation defines the “handling” of information to include the following operations:

Collection, Processing, Utilisation, Distribution, Recording, Modification, Interconnection, Selection, Organisation, Extraction, Blocking, Consultation, Retention, Comparison, Deletion, Communication

3. Pursuant to and in compliance with the requirements of the privacy regulations, our company hereby provides you with the following information:

A) the information about you and/or your company and other data such as addresses, fiscal numbers and technical requirements are gathered, recorded, sorted and held on file for the following purposes:

to populate master files, for internal statistics, to keep customer and/or supplier accounting records, for invoicing, for credit management purposes, for market research, to comply with the requirements of civil and fiscal law, for documentation of an informative nature, marketing and promotional purposes;

B) processing is carried out using IT equipment, manually, electronically and via data telecommunications, taking every precaution to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information;

C) you are free to decide whether or not to provide us with the above information;

D) any refusal by you to respond may make it impossible to complete the contract or perform it correctly or comply with fiscal and other legislation;

E) the above information may be communicated to the following parties and categories: sales network, lawyers, credit collection agencies, the parties engaged to audit our financial statements, and the Public Authorities or Administrations for the necessary legal compliance, as well as third-party suppliers of IT, filing and other services, and our consultants;

F) the information is communicated in an aggregate, anonymous form and for statistical purposes;

G) the information is kept by our company at the above address for the time required by civil and fiscal law or for the period deemed necessary by the person responsible for handling information;

H) you are also informed that, following publication of the forum on the website, certain information regarding you may be published on a web page and be seen by anyone. Pursuant to art. 7 indicated below, you are free at any time to request changes to or the cancellation of such information.

4. In order to handle personal information we are required to identify certain persons with specific duties and responsibilities. The party responsible for processing information is: Enable Development LLP

You have a right of access to your personal information, as well as other rights. In particular, you can consult such information, ask for changes or deletions to be made, or simply refuse to allow the use of such information by writing to the person responsible for handling information an e-mail to:

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